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i spend most of my time reading, making art and watching movies and i'm a STEM student so i'm interested in anything that concerns science, but i'm also interested in politics and literature. My name’s Jordan and I’m back again with some more if you want to watch movies with me and talk about anything just hit me up. :) Just finished toking and I am going to bed, looking for another stoner to chat with and keep me up. I'm not exclusively looking for stoners, I'm a nerd and I like other stuff. I’m a college senior studying computer science and biochemistry in Michigan, but my family’s recently relocated to Seattle. I'm blond haired, short as a stick (1,7m or 5'7 exactly), reasonably healthy and single. I live in a small town in a beautiful country called Finland.I'm just kind of overwhelmed and lonely at the moment, and could use someone to talk to.I love most music (especially rock like hendrix, edm, and hip hop), sports, movies (I'm a film student), photography, Disney (obviously), and a lot more things I'm not putting here.

I guess I am looking for the cliche "something more" but tbh, I'm not the kinda guy to knock back meetin new people and making friends anyway so say hi! My interests are, but not limited to travelling (I do travel a lot), camping, nature, games (Sports, board games, card games, you name it.), music ( I play the trumpet and various other instruments) and discussing cultural differences and habits. Explore Thousands of Gorgeous Gay Singles in Your Area looking for gay sex partners right now!Countless Sexy Gay Male Profiles Wanting to Hookup, Chat and Get Close with You.Shoot me a pm if that sounds like you i'm not great at being human so i fail to do the simple task of talking to people in real life that's why i'm depending on this subreddit to make new friends.most of my friends irl have been with me for many years we're basically siblings, so i want to talk to other people with different experiences and just make new friends, but it's kinda hard for me to do because i'm a really timid person, plus i'm an introvert.

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Also the kind of guy who's got a lot of love to give you, both in good and bad times, I guess that's also where my loyality comes into play.