Wince updating registry values

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That said, sometimes there's no other way to do what you need to do...

For a description of the registry, see the Wine User Guide or Wikipedia.

But if you report bugs using the feedback below, I will work on fixing them.

I am not providing the source code like I sometimes do, but if you are interested in obtaining the source code to use to add features I can be talked into that, but not for free. I do not respond to any messages from it unless you give me a corporate email address. If you are looking for free support I do not give free support via email, instead please use the Community link above.

By default | Wine wil use GLX_MESA_query_renderer to determine the PCI IDs of the graphics card.

| On (mostly proprietary) drivers not supporting GLX_MESA_query_renderer, Wine will | instead try to pick an appropriate set of PCI IDs based on the Open GL GL_RENDERER, | GL_VENDOR, and GL_EXTENSIONS strings.

The "Video Pci Vendor ID" and "Video Pci Device ID" | settings allow the values determined by Wine to be overridden.

For most applications | there should be little reason to touch these settings, but there exists a limited set of | applications that will choose a broken code path based on the PCI IDs.

It can be used to force enable multisampling | | with applications that otherwise don't support it, like the similar control panel setting | | available with some GPU drivers.Use "csmt" instead.] | | | -Video Memory Size | | [Set the amount of reported video memory (in megabytes).By default Wine will use | | GLX_MESA_query_renderer to determine the amount of video memory on the graphics | | card.Replace with the name of the | application you want to override defaults for.And use the same subtrees | as the Wine subtree (i.e.

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There may be a | | performance hit depending on the specific driver.

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