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Most of those killed and offered as proof of Martial Law’s human rights violations, and shamelessly used in Aquino’s carnival of horrors he calls the “People Power Experiential Museum,” were the first generation of cadres of the Communist Party who tried to sow revolution, unsuccessfully, all over the country.

This is simply because those who took up arms against Martial Law in its early years were either with the Communist Party or the MNLF.

There would always be such human rights violations whenever people in arms are given absolute authority, without the rule of law to check them.

There are sadists in any military organization: even the US armed forces, with all their huge legalistic apparatus and democratic values, couldn’t stop Drone operators from killing civilians in Iraq, and Guantanamo guards – even the females, would you believe? But there are also many soldiers, including the PC operatives who arrested us, in fact, who have been so scared to go into the battlefield, or undertake an arrest operation, that they needed to first get drunk or take drugs – to make them forget their human values.

I’m sure Enrile and Ramos can tell us if there was such a policy or not.But then we elected Ramos as President, and Enrile for five senate terms, didn’t we?And now President Aquino says we shouldn’t elect Ferdinand Marcos Jr. I’ve never heard of death squads directly under Marcos.for, they were undertaken by the armed forces under Enrile and by the PC under Ramos. The arrest orders against me and my late wife, Raquel, were issued by Ramos, who was, would you believe, PC Chief from 1970 to 1986.In fact, I’ve never heard allegations of human rights violations by operatives of the National Intelligence Services Agency, the unit which the alleged Marcos factotum Gen. It was the PC’s top anti-subversive unit, the 5th Constabulary Security Unit (which also captured Communist chief Jose Sison and most of the Party’s leaders) that arrested us, with one of their tall burly soldiers beating me up.

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Communist chief Jose Sison, as early as 1971, was boasting that Isabela was becoming his Yenan.