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I realized that’s the ultimate gift I could ever give; experience.Youth, life, faith in themselves, confidence in their ability to crush the things they think they can’t, that spawned Surf Sweat Serve.Yes, yoga has a HUGE roll my ability to surf, in fact when my yoga practice gets put on the back burner, I can immediately feel it in my surf.Pop-ups are sloppier, balance is off, arms get worn out more quickly. Working with the public everyday (180 people easily a day in my Soul Cycle classes) makes for a lot of connections and even more awareness around how many people are afraid to try something they think they won’t be “good at."As I started sharing and posting my surf/adventures on my social networks, I started to hear things like: “I’m too old to” “I have kids now,” I’d never be good at it,” “I’m terrified of the ocean,” “I don’t know how to swim,” all of the excuses you could imagine.

I am the most full, the happiest and the healthiest mentally when I am surfing.I'm a sucker for a challenge and haven't stopped doing Yoga since, I'm actually a Yoga teacher now. Just played in the waves with a super sexy boy I was dating at the time (yeah, boy- I was 23).I loved it but I loved looking at him more, so I didn’t really think much about the surfing to be honest.Then I realized they weren’t actually excuses, they were programming, things that were taught throughout their lives, and that meant I had a huge opportunity to help them retrain their brains through experiences.An opportunity to help people through their fear and into their power.

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Freaks are paired and Geeks are paired as teams compete for $50,000. One team member will be hanging upside down from a helicopter as the other one is launched off a chair into the water, swim to a platform and grab a flag and then hop on a water bike.