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I don’t think there’s a lot of non-truthtelling, even though the perspectives are wildly different.Here’s what I know from a storytelling point of view: Sarah wanted to make sure that we all knew that Noah and Alison loved each other and she’s willing to literally step in front of a gun for Noah. I think what she says about live, eyewitness events is true.

I did want to show in her POV that she has overly flashy stuff to make up for whatever.

Born and raised in United States, she is an American by nationality., located in Hingham.

She studied drama at her school, and also practiced it with the schools drama team.

The pants are too tight or the shirt or dress is too tight; she’s not on her game.

In Season 1, I was way more stylish in Alison’s POV with really nice designer clothes and very austere. She smokes pot all the time — another detail that I love.

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Creatored by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi, the first season of the marital drama used the springboard of a murder investigation to allow for writer/teacher Noah Solloway (Dominic West) and waitress Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) to reflect on how they remember engaging in an affair and eventual relationship that dissolved both of their marriages.

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