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Who is justin silver dating

Ystin comes from about 8,000 BC, long before the 6th century Camelot of Sir Justin.

Ystin, a long-haired 'schoolboy' of Camelot, is knighted and dubbed the Shining Knight by Sir Galahad, just before the fall of Camelot.

To thank Justin, Merlin transformed Justin's old, rusty armor into a golden, comfortable, and shining armor that was invulnerable and made his sword and shield invulnerable as well.

Justin's sword was so powerful it could cut through anything.

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Shining Knight is the name of three fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

The original Shining Knight, Sir Justin, was created by Creig Flessel and first appeared in Adventure Comics #66 (September 1941).

This new Shining Knight is also named Sir Justin (in the story, the knights of Camelot speak Welsh, so sometimes the Welsh equivalent "Ystin" is used) and has a winged horse but is much more out of place in the modern age.

Ystin is clearly a Celtic mythology version of the original Shining Knight (who was based more on the quasi-medieval setting of Sir Thomas Malory).

The story explains that Camelot is a recurring archetype.

When he met Blunderbore at the top of the icy mountains in the northland, the two battled with Justin eventually winning and killing Blunderbore.

However, right before he died, Blunderbore caused an avalanche that quickly buried Justin and Victory, however neither of them died, but instead were frozen in suspended animation.

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