Who is bryan ferry dating now dating girls in vietnam

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Who is bryan ferry dating now

When two mugs of tea are placed on the wooden table in front of him, Bryan Ferry leans forward and lifts them straight off again. ' he says to his assistant in his wispy, halting voice. And, though I don't know much about furniture, I'm pretty sure the table he is fussing about is fairly ordinary, not obviously antique.The reason it shouldn't surprise, of course, is that this particular rock star is known for his exacting taste in, well, everything - suits, paintings, cars, women, houses, wine, even interior design (Nicky Haslam once said that Ferry was more likely to redecorate a hotel room than to trash it).Anyone who knew the Rendleshams would have known that Lady Rendlesham had only one son, the Hon Charles Thellusson, and that a title such as "Lord Anthony" was obviously completely bogus.

Also, he is quite a strict and controlling father to his four grown-up sons (his words not mine).'It was very scary, and very ugly,' he tells Nigel Farndale.Portrait by Spencer Murphy The fastidiousness should not surprise, yet somehow it does. This table has got some rings on it already.' He is fussing, in other words, even though his manner and speech could not be more languid.Photo Credit: Bryan Ferry's picture is courtesy of Librario.Photographic illustrations of Bryan Ferry are copyright by their respective holders.

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A nanosecond or two later, Ferry, 57, had floated into the arms of a 21-year-old dancer and it was all as plain as a toot from a tugboat what was really going on. The couple's divorce came through last week on the grounds of her adultery, and while Ferry has been seeking solace in youth, Lucy, a 42-year-old former model, has been hanging out with the louche. Having recently been linked to Robin Birley, the Old Etonian son of Annabel's owner Mark Birley, Helmore popped up at a Tatler magazine drinks party last week arm in arm with Roy, who said they had been seeing each other for several weeks but that it was all early days.