Whitney houston and kevin costner dating Meri png

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Whitney houston and kevin costner dating

Frank, Rachel, Rachel's driver Henry (Christopher Birt), Rachel's son Fletcher (De Vaughn Nixon), and her sister Nikki (Michele Lamar Richards) then travel to Frank's father's home, which is a large log cabin in the mountains by a lake.

Frank's dad, Herb (Ralph Waite) is a semi-retired attorney who welcomes the group to his home.

Before losing consciousness, Frank shoots the hitman, who is revealed to be Greg Portman.

During the ensuing melee, Portman gouges out Tony's eye, but both he and Frank survive their injuries. Frank has arranged for another protection detail to augment Tony, who is back on the job wearing a black eye patch.

He is now a highly successful private and professional bodyguard who protects corporate VIPs.

He is hired by Rachel's manager, Bill Devaney (Bill Cobbs), to protect her after she receives a number of threats against her life, and a small bomb detonates in her dressing room.

As Rachel is accepting the award, the assassin attempts to shoot her with a gun hidden inside a video camera.

They lock down the house for the night, with plans to leave in the morning.At first, Rachel looks upon Frank as paranoid, and his techniques intrusive.Rachel's bodyguard Tony (Mike Starr) also resents Frank's presence, leading to a fight in which Frank coldly and efficiently beats Tony.Frank's duty having been fulfilled by successfully protecting Rachel, they part with a kiss.Frank then moves on to his next assignment., starring Ryan O'Neal and Ross again in the leads.

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Kevin Costner is currently married to Christine Baumgartner.

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