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He used to opportunity to speak out against Casey's 'trial by media' and the death penalty, which he labelled 'disgusting', before saying: 'I want to thank everyone who stood behind me and supported me throughout this time.' The speech then reached its climax as, holding back tears, Mr Baez declared that he was especially proud that when he went home that evening when his daughter 'will ask me what did you do today and I can say I saved a life.'Appearing outside the courthouse, Lawson Lamar, state attorney in the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida, paid tribute to the 'precision case' compiled by his team and by investigators, but said that the six months it took to find Caylee’s remains, by which time they had decomposed, ultimately cost them the case.'"Reasonable doubt" goes to each and every element in a case, especially in a case like this which is a mosaic to prove, with no smoking gun and a tiny victim who was reduced by time and the elements to skeletal remains.

'This case has never been about the defendant, particularly.

The task they were asked to complete was difficult.'Crowds rallied outside the courthouse chanting 'We want Casey', some expressing anger at the verdict and others relief.Evidence during the six weeks of testimony showed that Anthony lied to friends and family for a month about Caylee's whereabouts while she spent time hanging out with her boyfriend, dancing at nightclubs, shopping and getting tattoos.The single mother told her parents a complex series of lies for why they could they could not see Caylee, including that the girl was with a nanny named Zanny, that she and her daughter were spending time in Jacksonville with a rich boyfriend and that Zanny had been hospitalised after an out-of –town accident and they were spending time with her.Casey's parents George and Cindy, who have been married for 30 years, publicly supported their daughter from her initial arrest in 2008, as they continued to lead the search for their missing granddaughter, to the start of the murder trial.They have funded Casey's defence lawyers despite facing threats of foreclosure on their Orlando home where they have lived since 1989.

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But Mrs Anthony was accused of lying under oath to protect her daughter from the death penalty when she testified that it was her who had made repeated Google searches for chloroform and neck injuries on the home computer not daughter Casey.

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