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Updating your license

You can access your license key via update your JIRA license key: If you have a user-limited license (such as a starter license), then the user limit of your license will be displayed on the 'License Details' page.

This field is periodically refreshed, but you can retrieve the latest user limit by clicking the 'Refresh' button.

You can apply to change the gender details on your driver licence record without needing to provide an amended birth certificate.

You'll need to provide confirmation of the gender you wish to have recorded (Male, Female or Indeterminate).

Download the Statutory declaration for change of gender form (DL25) Note: as the gender is not displayed on your photo driver licence, you do not need to have a new licence card issued.

If you do not require a replacement licence, the change will be made at no cost.

If possible, we recommend you update to the latest version of the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

The UPM is a system plugin in every Atlassian product.

This is described in Reduce the number of users synchronised from LDAP to JIRA.

This happens when your URL has changed since your license key was activated.

If you’re receiving the above message, it means your server is using a very old version of CURL and/or Open SSL.

To fix this, your server needs to update both your SSL library and CURL.

has an excellent article on this which goes into more detail here.

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