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Among the most visible of these developments - particularly from the perspective of astronauts onboard the ISS - are three man-made archipelagos.The two Palm Islands - Palm Jumeirah to the left of center, and Palm Jebel Ali, just to the right of center, appear as stylized palm trees when viewed from above.The wetlands and rivers of Mesopotamia border the Gulf on the north.The red dots mark gas flares in oil fields of Iran and Iraq. The Persian Gulf (left) and the Gulf of Oman (right) were once the site of a rift, an area where two plates of the earth's crust pulled apart from each other.This massive earthwork is reclaimed from Dubai's Persian Gulf coast.Advertised as "being visible from the Moon," the palm-shaped structure displays 17 huge fronds framed by an 11-km (7 mi) protective barrier.

These challenges are international in scope and are priorities for the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Nestled in the southeast corner of the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE is a country on the rise.

The World Islands (near left edge) evoke a rough map of the world from an air- or space-borne perspective.

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The river drains the combined waters of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers of Iraq, and the Karun River of Iran.

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