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Tree ring cross dating

Both coins (left) and pictures stones (right) from the Viking age depict shields arrayed along the gunwale of a Viking ship.

Additionally, the sagas say that shields were displayed. 84), Kri and his ten ships rowed hard to join a sea battle, with row after row of shields on display along the sides of the ships.

This kept them out of the way, but also provided some slight additional protection against wind and waves.

The photos show the slendingur, a replica ship that sailed from Iceland to North America in the year 2000.

Landnmabk (S.156) tells of Hella-Bjrn Herfinnsson who sailed into Bjarnarfjrur with his ship lined with shields.In contrast, a knörr is partially enclosed and powered primarily by sail. The two Skuldelev warships are narrower and less spacious than the Oseberg ship.A sketch of the smaller of the two ships is shown to the right. These ships are probably more typical of the kind of vessel that was used by the Vikings on their raids.Typically, a warship is narrower, longer, and shallower than a knörr, and is powered by oars, supplanted by sail.The warship is completely open and is built for speed and maneuverability.

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