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The storyline that they choose to write seems somehow to be current in worldly affairs. Marissa Neitling: You shoot so many things out of order that, for me, if I memorize it in one go then I get a sense of where I am in time and space because we will shoot pieces of episodes months later.

The show, which stars Eric Dane (), is set to premiere on TNT June 12th.There are some scenes that we shot the first season that didn’t make it in the final cut that kind of gave a little explanation of why she may be a little guarded.And I think just from the tactical CIC point of view, I think there’s a part of me…My first love was math, so just clicking into that head part of Kara. Limelight and stardom are perilous things for a young actor, and there are so many examples in the media where people have lost the sight of the goal after achieving success at a young age.

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Travis Van Winkle: I feel like every time they see us were always like give us a little nugget. And so they know we’re searching for just the smallest little thread. I can imagine because they don’t want you to sort of mentally prepare for it.

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