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Ten commandments of dating ebook

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, completely revised and updated, offers hope and sanity to singles who are sick and tired of the dating scene.

Thou Shalt Get A Life -- Thou Shalt Use Your Brain -- Thou Shalt Be Equally Yoked -- Thou Shalt Take it Slow -- Thou Shalt Set Clear Boundaries -- Thou Shalt Save Sex for Later -- Thou Shalt Not Play House -- Thou Shalt Fight Fairly -- Thou Shalt Not Ignore Warning Signs -- Thou Shalt Choose Wisely -- Conclusion: Thou Shalt Take Action (The Eleventh Commandment).

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This book gives you practical, no-nonsense advice on how to build positive relationships with the opposite sex.

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" "Um, hey." He doesn't sound nearly as excited to be talking to you. But inside, your heart sinks into your stomach as you realize that this person, in whom you've invested so much time, energy, and emotion, has just put an end to something you hoped would last forever-well, at least longer than two months. By Sunday night, for some strange reason, you don't feel any better.

You exchange small talk about the day, and then he proceeds to tell you that he's going out with some of his guy friends tonight and that he'll try to remember to call you tomorrow. You sit there, staring at your phone, thinking, He's gonna call back any second and want to talk it out, or maybe tell me he was just plain wrong. In fact, you are still stuck in the same emotional ditch you fell into Friday afternoon when you got the call.

People with lives do not make "getting a boyfriend or girlfriend" their ultimate goal.

People with lives do not have to be dating someone to feel good about themselves.

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People with lives are not always on the prowl, going places and hanging out with certain people just so they can meet a cute guy or a hot girl.