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The rediscovery of some of Ireland's rarest wood-decay beetles (Coleoptera: Lymexylidae, Phloiophilidae, Ciidae, Tetratomidae, Melandryidae).

Observations on Finn’s Baya (Ploceus megarhynchus Hume) rediscovered in the Kumaon terai, 1959.

Rediscovery of Renanthera elongata (Blume) Lindl.(Orchidaceae) in Singapore.

1979 Ledum groenlandicum rediscovered in Concord, Massachusetts.

The rediscovery of Choriplax (=Microplax) Gray, Adams & Angas (order Polyplacophora), with notes on its true place in the natural system and the description of a new sub-species.

Lejeunea kodamae Ikegami & Inoue new to India, with a note on the rediscovery of L.

Rediscovery of Agrilus toyoshimai Toyama from Tokyo met., central Honshu, Japan. ("1991" 1992) Rediscovery of Dicaelospermum ritchiei Clarke (Cucurbitaceae) from Kerala, southern India. Rediscovery of" Astegopteryx" takenouchii (Homoptera, Aphidoidea), with notes on its soldiers and hornless exules. 2007 A rediscovered Staurochilus from the Phillippines. Rediscovery of Carex typhina (Cyperaceae) in Maine.

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