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I was in NYC at the Head Office 2 months ago for a seminar. Thank goodness because I didn’t want these crazy kids in the unit. The view was very important to her and the new construction next door would block a lot of the view once it’s done. This might be the last time I have to screen tenants because I’m getting tired of being a landlord in Portland. Now a landlord has to provide relocation assistance to the tenants if you want or need them to leave (no cause eviction.) That fee is ,300 for a one bed room unit.

I applied at the DHS, did the medical check-up which i cleared and my SSN is been processed. I would present to you all relevant documents (letter of employment and letter of transfer etc) with time, and show them to you on my arrival. It is illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent to someone with children. Seth & Maddie – nice young couple with good income, okay credit, but unstable jobs. Also, the Portland real estate market is getting overpriced and the property tax keeps increasing.

All names have been changed to protect the innocent except the first one. I am married with a daughter but i will be arriving and staying alone. Landlords can’t turn down a tenant because of service animal so I showed her the unit. The twins also left dirty footprints on the carpet. They wanted the unit and told me they’ll move in the next day. It’s much easier to find apartments with 2 parking spots outside of downtown. Marcia – sounded like an older lady, probably retired. Fabia – wanted a friend to come check the place out because she was out of town. 5 more online prospects that I turned down after the lease was signed. I think the lower price and better pictures made a huge difference. Actually, I hope our new tenant stays for about 2 years.

I had some interest, but most of them weren’t a good fit because they worked at home or irregular hours.I will really appreciate it if you can take the ad off and hold the place for me till I get there. The listing clearly stated no pets so I don’t know why they contacted me. Of course, he has no credit history and no job because he’s a foreign student. Theo – sounded like a nice guy via email exchanges. At this point, I prefer to invest in heartland real estate through Realty Shares.I would like to place a good faith deposit for this purpose. It’s much more passive than being a hands-on landlord.I screened 20 potential tenants in about a week and it was crazy. Anyway, we had more interest because the weather was warming up and more people were looking to move. Spring and summer is much better for finding new tenants.Today, we’ll go over what I did to improve my listing and then share my notes on the potential tenants.

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Some seasons are more fun, some are more romantic, and some just require me being single.

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