Spice of life dating website uk dogging diy dating

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Spice of life dating website

I talk more about public play later in this kinky ideas article here.

Next, you can play a simple question & answers game and give him rewards or punishments depending on his answers.

I don’t want to tell you how to blindfold your man.

That’s the easy part, just use a towel, eye mask or buy a blindfold.

If you are playing a kinky sex game with your man, and he fails a task or if you’ve caught him doing something naughty/forbidden, then you may want to punish him with a spanking.

You can tell him to get on all fours or to remain standing and place his hands against the wall or even to lean over a table.

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The most important factor when it comes to having kinkier sex with your partner is understanding the importance of communication… ” It sure does, but without proper communication, you’re not going to fully understand what your partner needs, and he will only be able to guess what you need and enjoy.