Speed dating christchurch

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Speed dating christchurch

Mr Gilroy says the skull, discovered near Mudgee, supports his long-held theory that the yowie - an Australian relative of the American Big Foot and the Himalayan yeti - once existed and is probably still out there surviving in large, inaccessible tracts of bushland.Mr Gilroy is the guiding light behind the Unknown Animals Research Centre and Museum in Tamworth.He and other researchers discovered old government reports and newspaper articles going back to the early years of English settlement in the late eighteenth century and that continued throughout the nineteenth century that described a large bipedal primate that was well known to the Aboriginal people.An Australian researcher is coming to Tauranga in June to hunt for a lost civilisation.Having personally heard the territorial call of an undescribed nocturnal mammal I then began to further research the subject and soon discovered that several researchers were working on the problem of this Australian bipedal primate.A biologist, Rex Gilroy, with a natural history museum in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, was probably the first person to successfully bring to the attention of the general public the evidence for the existence of this animal.Rex Gilroy of Tamworth, Australia, hopes to find a race of highly advanced megalith-building people developed in the Bay of Plenty and other parts of Australasia.If Mr Gilroy, 52, finds what he is looking for, the history of New Zealand would have to be rewritten.

When you look at the terrain we've got, any creature could live there for generations and go undetected." Sadly, says Mr Gilroy, the discovery of his skull, which he believes belongs to the Homo erectus line, has been met by overwhelming indifference from the scientific world. All at once, he heard sounds coming from the wire fence. It resembled a black panther, but it was like no big cat Rex had ever seen.

Interestingly, that portion of the Great Dividing Range is rumored to be undercut by humungous limestone caverns.

In his book, MYSTERIOUS AUSTRALIA, Rex Gilroy writes that in 1848 settlers in the area "discovered a great natural limestone archway through one of the bluffs.

I have seen two cougar-like animals on this property".

Mr Gilroy saw his first thylacine, or Tasmanian tiger, at 10.55pm on 27 February 1972 and has never forgotten it. they live in the more remote, mountainous country, the really tough terrain." Panther-like creatures and Tasmanian tigers have been reported across Victoria, from the Grampians to the Dandenongs.

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