Sorority speed dating questions

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Have any of you tried anything kind of like speed dating or have any suggestions as to how we could make this a fun recruitment event? I have done speed dating (with another GCer) and it reminded us both EXACTLY of rush. You can just set up several pairs of desks facing each other and have rushees and sisters be paired..speed dating you have like 10-15 minutes and you generally ask each other as many questions as possible.You would probably want to adjust this depending on how long you have for each party.IMO a traditional rotation would work better, or even better than that (since it's COB), just form some recruitment groups and challenge all the members in certain groups to talk with certain PNMs at each event.COB is perfect for casual conversation and getting to see the "real" PNM. Informal recruitment has so many opportunities to have fun activities, and because you have more than 30-40 minutes, like you would during formal recruitment, you don't have to be as structured to meet many women.The questions can be used to open tricky dating topics like religion, sex whether they are looking for a long or short term relationship and so on.You also need to know that not all the funny speed dating questions are suitable for all dates.Maybe you could have different questions per station.Maybe you could even play musical chairs with sisters and PNMs getting up and scurrying around until the music stops and you talk to whoever is next to you.

It got a very bad reaction from PNMs, and the chapter never did it again.

Then when they answer, look sad and say: The right answer was: I only drink tea.

As you can tell from these funny dating questions, they are more than just light entertainment.

Some of these funny dating questions could offend your date.

So, you need to match the questions to the maturity of the relationship and the personality of the person whom you are dating.

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You can allow the women to go with the flow a little bit more.

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