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Sony station dating game

All we know so far is that The Last of Us II takes place five years after the events of the first game.This means main character Ellie will be 19 years old in this game, and will be watched over by Joel - who is slowly ageing and losing the energy he once had.The game will contain elements of action-adventure and survival horror, similar in tone to its predecessor.

"People had been primarily coming to the Net for news and information; but now people are going online seeking entertainment.

of America and Sony Pictures Entertainment, which owns Columbia Tri Star Interactive.

The new division, Sony Online Entertainment Inc., will unify the online entertainment and distribution efforts of Sony Corp.

"It's such a new business, we're just all starting out putting up games, and to the extent that we can all be successful it will help legitimize this as a real market."Sony's Simpson echoes the sentiment."To some extent you could say we are competing against AOL, Berzerk, etc.," said Simpson.

"But we're also working with those folks."Other players in the industry agree that a spirit of co-conspiracy pervades the online games market."To me it's not a market share battle, although it may become one down the road," said Chris Deyo, general manager of Berkeley Systems, which manages the online games site Berzerk."The more successful Sony is, the more successful the rest of us will be," said Deyo.

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Ellie is remarkably angry - that much is clear from the marketing material released for the game so far.

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