Song from dating website commercial

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Song from dating website commercial

“What happens next depends on the relationship you have with them and what they called you for,” explains Hans.“A music search could include any music ever made: it could be an old demo track that we have on file or a track by Madonna.We’ll deliver 15 or more tracks that potentially fit their brief and they then pick whatever they like from the stuff we provide.The brief itself come to us in different stages and there are a thousand different possibilities for how detailed it can be.They might only have a storyboard or a written synopsis.Even if there is an off–line edit available they usually still have to finish editing the picture, but it still helps us to see whether or not the music fits the picture.You start by doing as much work as you can for hardly anything, to build your showreel.

They sometimes don’t have a clue, even though they make very good campaigns.

“It’s all about winning awards in the advertising industry,” insists Hans.

“In the beginning you have to chase people and convince them that they have to work with you, and if you are good enough they might chase you!

But it varies throughout the world and in England, for example, it is incredibly difficult.

It’s maybe not even that difficult to get the chance to pitch but then you are frequently pitching with 15 others, and lots of times there are also publishers and record companies offering tracks that they want to license to that campaign.

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