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Smith marrons dating nj

Gayarr says lands on both sides of the Mississippi, above the German Coast, were given to them, and they settled there as far as Baton Rouge and Pointe Coupe." Like Gayarr before him, Professor Fortier, though he misidentified the origin of the 1766 arrivals, says nothing of Acadians coming to Louisiana in the 1750s.

The scattered parties, thrown off on the coast of every colony from Pennsylvania to Georgia, united, and trusting themselves to the western waters, sought the land on which the spotless banner waved, and the waves of the Mississippi brought them to New Orleans." Judge Martin then indulges in a wonderful fiction found in no contemporary record: "The levee and square of that city presented, on their arrival, a spectacle not unlike that they offered, about a quarter century before, on the landing of the woman and children snatched from the hands of the Natchez.They had come from New York." A few pages later, the professor continues: "On February 28, 1765, Foucault, the commissaire ordonnateur, wrote to the minister that a few days previously several Acadian families, to the number of one hundred and ninety-three persons, had come over from Santo Domingo.They were poor, and worthy of pity, and assistance was given to them until they could choose lands at the Opelousas and be in a condition to help themselves., examples abound of the enduring myth that Acadians arrived there in the 1750s via the Appalachian passes.One of the first accounts of the Acadian odyssey to the lower Mississippi is that of state supreme court judge whose two-volume history of Louisiana was published in 1827.

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Later in his narrative, Judge Martin adds: "On the fall of Canada [in 1759] a number of the colonists, unwilling to live under their conquerors, sought the warm clime over which the spotless banner still waved; most of them settled in the neighbourhood of the Acadians [on the lower Mississippi].

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