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Probably not a good idea to use as one of your sexy things to say to him if he’s a zoologist…If talking about his penis is a little too much for you, then talk about how it feels. Trust me, there’s nothing sexier to him than having you describe what that feels like.

One of the best things about talking sexy is when it’s completely inappropriate. You can’t be blurting out in the middle of a library about how you want him to take you home and ravish you, but you can lean over and describe to him in detail about your new underwear or that you’re not wearing any at all…You can whisper about what you plan to do with him when you get him alone.

Some will turn on green lights, some will turn on red lights (some will turn on the whole Christmas tree).

Just the notion of talking dirty to your man is what adds that scandalous sexiness to your relationship. What else can you do but laugh and say “Oops, I got a little too carried away.” Follow that up with, “You get me so worked up, I don’t know what I’’m doing.” Or if he’’s going too far, just put a finger over his lips to quiet him.

Before we get into the actual great things to say to him, nothing says sexy better than being and amazing woman. And when you say sexy things to your man, you let him know that you trust him enough to show this side of you. No matter what it is about him that floats your boat, don’’t hide it from him. We all want to know “we still got it” no matter what we look like or how old we are.

Sexy talk is all about desire and really connecting with your partner. In the great audio course, Light His Fire, author Ellen Kreidman says to tell your man he’s hung like a gorilla!What could you possibly say that would eclipse how already irresistible you are? The ULTIMATE resource for this is Devian Day’’s Dirty Dialogue. Of all the sexy things to say to a man, letting him know how much you desire him will really get him going. When you are with someone that you feel comfortable enough to show this side of you to, then letting it all hang out is really the next step. Then you will be condoning him being less than perfect for you.Looking to get one or more of the Dev's IMVU Badges? Enter your avatar name in the box below, Check mark the badges you want to recieve and click 'Get Badges' and they will be sent to your IMVU account ASAP. Of all the questions we get, the sexy things to say to a man ” has to be one of the most asked. You want to be the girl unlike anyone he’s ever dated. Talking sexy is about giving yourself permission to be a sexual being. But there are things about him that really get you keyed up. Is it his presence, his confidence, his sexy voice?

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Perhaps you’’re looking for this information to figure out sexy things to say for how to help with your man’s erection problems. It takes a smart woman to understand many erectile dysfunctions have nothing to do with you, but you can do something about it by distracting his mind to get him back in the action. Mainly, he’s saying “Oh my god oh my god oh my god! So it’s up to you to get him back in the present and focused completely on you.

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