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stars Rachel Lynn Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo celebrated their one-year romance with cocktails and pool time and made a splash at the beach too, 05/29/2018.

It has been a very long time since I posted on this blog.

No, this is not a scene from a recent rally in which the Republican nominee for president stoked fears of violence from immigrants or Muslims.

The year was 1993, and his target was Native Americans, particularly those running casinos who, Trump was telling a congressional hearing, were sucking up to criminals.

Call it the art of the bad deal, one created by the arrogance and recklessness of a businessman whose main talent is self-promotion.

He is also pretty good at self-deception, and plain old deception.

He has no voting record and presents few details about specific policies.

In that 2007 deposition, Trump said he based estimates of his net worth at times on “psychology” and “my own feelings.” But those feelings are often wrong—in 2004, he presented unaudited financials to Deutsche Bank while seeking a loan, claiming he was worth .5 billion.Trump is willing to claim success even when it is not there, according to his own statements.“I’m just telling you, you wouldn’t say that you're failing,” he said in a 2007 deposition when asked to explain why he would give an upbeat assessment of his business even if it was in trouble. ’ you're going to say you're doing good.” Perhaps such dissembling is fine in polite cocktail party conversation, but in the business world it’s called lying.The bank concluded Trump was, to say the least, puffing; it put his net worth at 8 million, records show.(Trump personally guaranteed million of the loan to his company, so Deutsche coughed up the money.


But, in this case, there was more to it than that: Trump, through his offensive tantrum, was throwing away financial opportunities, yet another reminder that, for all his boasting of his acumen and flaunting of his wealth, the self-proclaimed billionaire has often been a lousy businessman.

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