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Sex dating websites northern ireland

It is situated in the northeast of the island of Ireland . George Cross inside which a white six-pointed star and a red hand. It is associated with Saint Patrick, the Saint patron of Ireland.

St Andrew was one of the disciples of Jesus Christ and the flag is said to have been inspired by a white cross of cloud appearing on a blue sky to a Scottish King preparing for battle.The flag is made up of St Andrew's cross (below), St Patrick's Cross (above) and the Red Hand of Ulster and star from the Northern Ireland flag (above), with the star coloured yellow (instead of white as in the Ulster Banner) based on the colours of the flag of the Irish province of Ulster.St Andrew's Cross is the flag of Scotland, and is one of the flags which makes up the Union Flag.Patrick have no official status and under the Flags Regulations are not permitted to be flown from Government Buildings.This flag is used by Ulster separatists who wish to see Northern Ireland leave the United Kingdom and become an independent state, not joining together with the Republic of Ireland.

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The Northern Ireland flags issue is one that divides the population along sectarian lines.

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