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Description: The papers of this Special Issue give remarkable new results and conclusions on loess from Europe underlining the excellence of loess archives for past climate and environment reconstructions from ...

The papers of this Special Issue give remarkable new results and conclusions on loess from Europe underlining the excellence of loess archives for past climate and environment reconstructions from a local and regional perspective and their relationship to a more global interpretation (Frechen 2011 a, b).

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49 [0]3834-80 40 60 E-Mail: helms [at] HOLGER FREUND, Wilhelmshaven [Germany] ICBM - Geoecology Carl-von-Ossietzky Universitat Oldenburg Schleusenstr 1 D-26382 Wilhelmshaven Germany Tel.: 49[0]4421-94 42 00 Fax: 49[0]4421-94 42 99 E-Mail: holger.freund [at] FORMER EDITORS-IN-CHIEF PAUL WOLDSTEDT [1951-1966] MARTIN SCHWARZBACH [1963-1966] ERNST SCHONHALS [1968-1978] REINHOLD HUCKRIEDE [1968-1978] HANS DIETRICH LANG [1980-1990] JOSEF KLOSTERMANN [1991-1999] WOLFGANG SCHIRMER [2000] ERNST BRUNOTTE [2001-2005] EDITORIAL BOARD KARL-ERNST BEHRE, Wilhelmshaven [Germany] HANS-RUDOLF BORK, Kiel [Germany] ARNTBRONGER, Kiel [Germany] JURGEN EHLERS, Hamburg [Germany] ETIENNE JUVIGNE, Liege [Belgium] WIGHARTVON KOENIGSWALD, Bonn [Germany] ELSE KOLSTRUR Uppsala [Sweden] JAN PIOTROWSKI, Aarhus [Denmark] LUDWIG REISCH, Erlangen [Germany] JEF VANDENBERGHE, Amsterdam [The Netherlands] BERND ZOLITSCHKA, Bremen [Germany] GUEST EDITOR MANFRED FRECHEN, Hannover [Germany] AIMS & SCOPE The Quaternary Science Journal publishes original articles of quaternary geology, geography, palaeontology, soil science, archaeology, climatology etc.; special issues with main topics and articles of lectures of several scientific events. There is archaeological evidence of an Iron Age cultural stage of the Jastorf culture (Seedorf- Stufe, Schwantes 1952, Hassler 1991) though as well as of Neolithic settlements (Sprockhoff 1975, Heege & Maier 1991, Geebers 1995, Richter 2002) in the area and of a number of archaeobotanical investigations from prehistor- ic sites. 1: Location of Seedorf, county of Uelzen, Lower Saxony and distribution of loess and sandy loess in northern Germany. This sequence was repeated several times on each aliquot. 4: Dose response and decay curves for samples a) Wei 6 and b) Wei 7 showing the IR 50 (filled symbols) and the p IRIR 225 signal (open symbols). 4: Aufbaukurve und Zerfallskurve fur Proben a) Wei 6 (gefullte Symbole) und b) Wei7 (offene Symbole) fur das IR 50 und das p IRIR 225 Signal. These curves are selected to be representative for all samples.

MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION Please upload your manuscript at the on- line submission system at ourjournal site FREQUENCY Four numbers at volume SUBSCRIPTION Free for DEUQUA-Members! The few data available from peat bogs though pro- vide background information on landscape development (Becker 1995, Kirleis 2003, Becker & Urban 2006). Grey shad- ed area shows the location of the Luenburg Heath. (2001): Ubiquity of anomalous fading in K- feldspars and the measurement and correction for it in optical dating. (2003): Towards a pre- diction of long-term anomalous fading of feldspar IRSL. The fading rates are expressed in terms of the per- centage of the decrease of intensity per decade of time (g- value; Aitken, 1985; Auclair, Lamothe & Huot, 2003). 1: Dose rate data from potassium, uranium and thorium content, as measured by gamma spectrometry. 1: Dosimetrische Ergebnisse basierend auf Kalium, Uran und Thorium Gehalt (gemessen mit Gammaspektrometrie). Dose (Gy) Luminescence characteristics and performance tests Figure 4 shows the dose response curves and the decay curves for the IR 50 and the p IRIR 225 for the stratigraphically oldest samples Wei6 (Fig. The natural IR 50 has about 10-15% lower signal intensity than the natural p IRIR 225 .

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