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One such grapevine example refusing to die out, is a theory about the son of a very popular Zimbabwean and African artist, whom the rumor mill maintains could have lost his life, by refusing to "back off" from Bona.Intelligence briefings this week, are all but indicating that Bona's husband himself could potentially be an operative of Mugabe's feared spy agency, as it is almost impossible for an ordinary man to become so close to the first family, unless they have secret service links, our informants have said.We tracked down Selby and his mother, and when we sought comment from Mtukudzi, in typical fashion he was not available for comment.What shocked many was the zest that Shepherd Mutamba, then part of Mtukudzi's PR team, showed in spearheading a campaign to have The Sunday Mail gagged on this issue.

Little did we know then, that he had ulterior motives, that the truth that he was barring us from unearthing, he was preserving for his "biography" authorised or otherwise.

The country's former beloved first lady died from kidney failure.

Mugabe recently made shocking revelations in a frank interview with South African broadcaster Dally Tambo for his People of the South series, showing how he was under pressure to marry Grace and make love to her, because her mother also called Bona wanted to see her grandchild before death.

So it was with little surprise that we were turned away from the Sam Mtukudzi memorial service at Pakare Paye in Norton.

And Mutamba did not stop there: he went to just about every political office in the land with letters that portrayed us as monsters out to devour Mtukudzi.

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I couldn't leave anything to chance, especially given the manner in which Mutamba had tried to manhandle me and Mtandazo Dube during the memorial service.