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He had recently celebrated his 18th birthday party and after a meal with his family had gone out for a few beers with his friends. She couldn't believe what her darling son had just told her. David proceeded to give his mother details of what exactly was wrong with him. "It hurts to pee and my, err, penis is itchy." "Let me have a look" "Mom! You think you've got something there I haven't seen before? David reluctantly pulled his trousers down and then his pants. David had gone a very deep shade of red and she felt a pang of sympathy. It came as a shock to David and surprised Susan as well. Even at 45, she could walk into a room and draw everyone's attention to her. "You're not the first guy honey, and you sure as hell won't be the last.Except of course, young men being as they are, a "few" beers had quickly escalated into an all-night bender. Susan listened attentively; from the sounds of it he had caught an STI, hopefully a mild one. Her dark hair fell in tresses around her oval face, framing it perfectly. They strode out of the clinic in silence and got into the car. We should just put this behind us and move on." She had already forgiven him, after all he was a young man now and his thoughts would inevitably turn to sex.

He eventually returned home in the early hours of the morning; Susan was concerned at his late arrival and his quiet demeanor over the next few days but merely attributed it to playful hi-jinks during his birthday. She may not be as slim as she was once was but she could still draw jealous stares from other women. Susan had been reluctant to push her son into that kind of environment, but Jack had been fairly adamant arguing that it would keep his mind on his studies if he wasn't distracted by girls.

A couple of weeks later however, the truth had come out. To be fair to Jack, David had graduated near the top of the class but Susan worried if this had been at the cost of some of his social skills.

This episode with the prostitute had reaffirmed her fears unfortunately for her, she was mistaken.

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The following is a work of fiction and not intended to be taken as anything other. So far the day had not progressed as she would have normally expected.

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Probably because they were too scared to let them know that something was wrong. Tell me." David gulped for air and suddenly blurted it out. David was right, they couldn't tell Jack, her husband, he would hit the roof and most probably his son as well. She immediately made an appointment with the clinic, and, a week later, was now waiting nervously for David to come out.

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