Rowupdating findcontrol

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Rowupdating findcontrol

I have a Grid View that, for some odd reason, seams to fire twice with I click the "Update" linkbutton. The first time through it perfroms the update, then it tries a second time to do the update again, except the 2nd time around there are no form values to pass so it errors out. Row Updating Actually remove handles clause from all handlers as you are specifying your handles in aspx code. I have embeded the current Available Quantity number in a hidden Field in the form. What i need is when the user click on the edit, the Drop Downlist gets created with the long list of Qty available for it. That's why i think i need to do something like this in my Grid View_Row Editing function. To String) Dim original Qty As Hidden Field original Qty = CType(Cart Grid. Find Control("Hidden Field1"), Hidden Field) Label1. This allows you to provide an event-handling method that performs a custom routine, such as HTML encoding the values of a record before updating it in the data source, whenever this event occurs.

For instance edititemtemplate J use: public class Formatted Template : ITemplate, INaming Container { List Item Type _type; Data Column _dc; ......... Value Dim Items As New Array List Dim count As Integer For count = 1 To Convert. Add(count) Next 'Currently null pointer to my Drop Down List Dim Quantity Text Box As Drop Down List Quantity Text Box = Cart Grid. Html Controls; namespace ddl Gridview Hope it Helps. Greetings; I have read several of the previous help questions on when the grid View Row Updating event doesn't fire. The routine loading of the product table now happens only on the first pass through the code behind.

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And I wish to bind the numbers (if hidden Field is 10, the list of numbers will be 1,2,3,4,5...10) to my dropdownlist.