Regular expression for validating date in javascript

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If an expression evaluates to a number, as in the previous example, then the numeric value is passed in.

Determining how such values should output in the result is part of the tag’s job.

The first argument in a tag function is an array with an extra property called to output the string result.

That means any character escapes, including Unicode code point escapes, should be returned in their raw form.

The ability to embed variables directly into template literals means that developers have a safer tool than string concatenation for composing long strings with variables.

The first argument is an array containing the literal strings as interpreted by Java Script.

Tags are functions that receive the pieces of the template literal as arguments.

You can then use that data to return an appropriate string value.

Retrieving the raw string information like this allows for more complex processing when necessary.

The raw string information is also passed into template tags.

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