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Ree telephone dating service

Due to Transportation issues that was the only store that I could work in and maintain my current wages.Upon putting in my two weeks notice by very next week I only receive 15 hours to work with.The company opened their 100th store in 1971 and had 300 stores by 1978.In 1981, the company had 400 stores and by the end of that decade, 1,500 stores.I’ve placed numerous calls to different managers, the DM as well as the Regional Manager as of to date, I have not herd from any of them!!!I would love to get this resolved, to where I could continue being a n Associate of Family Dollar..I began feeling uncomfortable with my hours that I requested three times to be demoted…

My general manager became so close with the cashiers that they would gossip and make jokes about myself and others whom they felt they did not like.And during my second week I became so uncomfortable working in the environment that I left prior to finishing my two weeks.I have witnessed people stealing, arguing with customers, harassing other employees, favoritism, working under the influence, and being denied being demoted for my own comfort and still wanting to support Family Dollar.Leon Levine retired in 2003 and was succeeded as CEO by his son, Howard Levine.The company is best known for its imported goods which many families find necessary to stretch their dollar.

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Later I was told to mind my own business and focus on myself.

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