Property data updating

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Property data updating

The Text Block’s Text property is bound to the Current property on the Random Number Engine, and that binding is where we use the Update Threshold Converter to govern how often the data is pushed.Here is the XAML for the demo app’s main Window contents: Here is the entire Update Threshold Converter class: The Update Threshold property represents the number of milliseconds which must elapse between successful attempts to push a new value from the binding source to target.

You would not want the UI to display all of those values because it would just look like a blur.Using the Source property is simpler and more readable.However, if multiple properties bind to the same source, consider using the Data Context property.Click on the Show More button of the property details page to review your property information4.Click on the downward arrow to the right of Are the Property Details Correct?

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Through talking to people and monitoring both internal and external forums, I have compiled a list of questions people often have when first learning about WPF data binding.

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