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Postdating a check is it legal

Anyway, they ended up taking him to court over the bounced check.Turns out that the judge filed in favor of the defendant stating that our company basically should not have sent the check in for deposit and that the check was no better than a promisory IOU.A bill is not invalid by reason only that it (a) is not dated; (b) does not specify the value given, or that any value has been given therefor; (c) does not specify the place where it is drawn or the place where it is payable; or (d) is antedated or post-dated, or bears date on a Sunday or other non-juridical day.Banks in Canada must abide by the law otherwise they can in very big trouble if they don't and realistically people can sue them as the LAW is clearly written out!

While in the USA, they do not bother to look at the date on the cheque. its not that we don't bother to look at the date on a check..

Maybe it is different from state to state in America, because I am from the USA, and I have written/received post dated checks.

When I receive them, the bank WILL NOT cash the check until the date of the check.

Yes, I believe its acceptable pre date or post date a check, as long as the funds are there when you say they'll be and the funny dating isn't interfering with anything else like a due date or a contract obligation.

But it may not be acceptable to who you are giving it to and that's would be a different matter.

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