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Doing the job well requires training and continuous learning.

In this respect, it’s encouraging to see Canadian universities begin to offer accredited sales programs, focusing on the science and craft behind modern selling.

But first, we need to find a way to connect the right candidates with the right roles.

Building a salesforce in our backyard This starts with education and awareness.

Our hires from those early days are now managing teams of their own and sealing multimillion-dollar contracts. Right now, my own company is filling sales roles across our Canadian offices — and we’re hardly unique among startups here.

Some have gone on to work for other Canadian startups or start their own companies. The only way to fill the sales talent gap in Canadian tech is to build an ecosystem here at home. Ultimately, the best way — truly, the only way — to move forward is to do so together: developing the capability in our own backyard, creating good jobs at home and growing a talent pool for the Canadian tech community at large.

But equally important is properly framing the mission behind your company.But the reality is that it’s impossible to scale and sustain most software platforms today without a highly capable, highly trained sales team.Indeed, at many of the most successful cloud software companies, the sales squads are just as big as the technical teams.I’ll repeat this for clarity: The current innovation boom hasn’t just created outsized demand for IT pros, it’s created an equivalent demand for salespeople.The sales talent shortage in Canada For Canadian-based companies like my own, this translates into tremendous challenges and tremendous potential.

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