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Original dating london reviews

I also liked this experimental Braille map of the tube network, from the 1990s.As well as the big station areas with their names written in Braille, the lines themselves have different patterns, a little like physical version of the current black & white map of the network, an adaptation of which was used in this colour-blind tube map.The Corporate Archives division of Transport for London recently held a short internal exhibition at their headquarters at Palestra, called “Mapping London” and showcasing new and old maps of London’s transport from the archive.Amongst the highlights included this Lego historic tube map.The reverse, or “B Side” of the map, contains further details on each song reference: You can find the map at Present Indicative.

The map covers the centre of the capital as well as decent part of the inner city – see the full map pic at the bottom of this post.The Chiswick Timeline, a mural of maps showing the history of the pleasant west London neighbourhood, was successfully crowdfunded and launched last month.It appears alongside a road as it passes underneath a railway bridge by Turnham Green station.Connections with mainline rail are shown beside the relevant station with small curly lines, with the operator name written just below them in a smaller text.This being a 1920s map, the classic “flowery” touches are present, such as the sweeping serifs of the font, waves on the...

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A pub these days, and back then too, so a slightly curious choice for a map aimed at children, even if it is very historic: It’s a shame also the Zoo doesn’t make it in – the map stops just south of it, but does at least include a note “To the Zoo”.