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If the error was caused by faulty information provided on the original application, a .00 title correction fee is required.Recording Liens: To record a lien on an existing Idaho title, the lienholder name and address must be printed in the new lienholder section of the title.Either the original Power of Attorney must accompany the duplicate application or a copy verified to be a true and correct copy of the original.Conditions: Generally, only Idaho residents and businesses may title and register vehicles in Idaho.If that information is not available, the owner of record must submit an with a .00 fee.A computer printout showing the requested information will be provided to the owner.

If there is no recorded lien, the title will be mailed to the registered owner.

To determine the recreational value of a motorhome coach, multiply the overall value of the motorhome, including all optional equipment, by the following pre-determined chassis valuation factors.

The product of the multiplication is the RV value used to determine RV fees.

The duplicate application must be completed in full and the applicant’s signature must be notarized or witnessed by an ITD employee or agent.

If a lienholder is shown on the title record, the duplicate title will be issued with the same lien, and will be mailed or electronically transmitted to the lienholder, unless the application is accompanied by either an original satisfaction of lien statement or a copy verified to be a true copy of the original, the lienholder has released the lien on the duplicate Idaho title application, or the lienholder has recorded a lien release on the title record at ITD.

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Likewise, lienholders located in other states who are financing vehicles for Idaho residents may request titles through the mail.

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