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Numerical age or relative dating

The red ‘star’ Horus was born from Sirius (white Isis), a celestial event that captured the meaning of the Egyptian mythology beautifully.It is less easy to pinpoint a specific date, however, as many of the ancient accounts of red Sirius were traditional, and based upon earlier texts.I suggest that the complex shape of the ‘warped neutral sheet’ is created by the Sun's periodic interaction with the brown dwarf Nibiru as it moves through the solar system.Nibiru's own magnetic properties might be the cause of the reversal of the Sun’s polarity during the dark star’s perihelion passage.It appears to have been built on the site of an older temple that was once orientated to the East.It contains reliefs of Pharoahs embracing gods and ‘other images which appear to go back to a much more distant tradition – the era of the ‘First Time’ or ‘Primeval Age’ (Egy. The Egyptologist David Rohl draws comparisons between the rituals enacted at Edfu and the Temple of Dendera, and the religious ceremonies of Sumer.

Began in 237BC, and it was finally opened in 105BC.I believe that the Temple of Horus at Edfu was constructed in anticipation of the return of the Celestial Lord.The associated Temple of Dendera contains a more specific reference to this event.This orbital period of about 3750 years is greater than that described by Sitchin (3,600 years) and I believe that this greater figure reflects a slight expansion of Nibiru’s orbit at the time of the Flood.Nibiru appears to have been in conjunction with Mars during perihelion 13,000 years ago, and may have been slightly perturbed into a larger orbit at that time.

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This web-site has considered a radical set of ideas, none more so than the identification of the Messianic Star as Nibiru, the Winged Disc.

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