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it was just that he and his peers never went looking for it.Beauty may be skin deep, but dating someone requires getting under someone’s skin to the meat beneath – and Rochkind wasn’t willing to do so.I’ve been teaching pleasure and communication for 7 years now and it feels like I just got started.There’s so much to know, so much to discover, so much to feel!

I marvel at the human condition and cuddle up to the science that helps explain it. S., I laugh, just absolutely laugh at our mating dance. And although I’m a dictionarily-defined expert on the subject, each of us is the captain of our own sexuality.However, for all the dragging that Rochkind and the other contributors are getting, this piece One of the things that stands out in this article is – frankly – the prioritization of women’s appearances above everything else.Even Rochkind’s fiancée, the woman who’s supposedly convinced him to hang up his spurs, is judged by her looks.On Thursday, the New York Post – the paper of record known mostly for writing to an eighth-grade reading level – posted a bit of outrage fluff.In this article, Dan Rochkind – that rare New York private equity executive, described as having a “full head of hair and muscular body” – talks about how he is nobly giving up dating absurdly hot women, boldly declaring that he will now stick to the “merely very beautiful” instead.

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enh” outlook is that it’s responding to shallowness with more shallowness. Hotness is treated as a prize that they deserve for… Everything afterwards is further rewarding them for being the master of the universe.

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