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No doubt the number of road deaths or fatalities in Malaysia is rising every year.In 2012, there were 6,917 road fatalities, compared to 6,035 in 2000.But Malaysia’s figure actually puts the country not in the first position, as the Kluang MP asserted, but at 22nd out of 185 countries for having the most dangerous roads in the world.Now comes the more interesting part: if we use the same data from the 2013 WHO report to calculate the number of road fatalities per 100,000 vehicles, we get a contrasting picture on Malaysia’s road safety level: Malaysia has 31.4 road fatalities per 100,000 vehicles.Rapid motorization in this country meant that in 2012, there were 1.3 persons to a vehicle, compared to 2.2 in 2000, 3.9 in 1990, 5.7 in 1980, and 10.8 in 1974.Malaysia’s road safety trends actually follow those typically observed when a country experiences greater economic development and social wealth, leading to increasing urbanization and ownership of vehicles.Al Haji also found that Singapore and Brunei also had similar road safety level with Sweden’s, a highly developed nation.In contrast, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos were determined to have the least safe roads among the ASEAN countries.

Only three countries: South Korea (18.4), Czech Republic (15.7), and Malaysia (13.4) have more than 10 road deaths.More complicated and comprehensive measures of road safety exist.Several researchers have attempted to encompass the three dimensions of road safety (exposure, risk, and consequences) into a single representative measure.Such contradictions occur because road safety indexes, as mentioned earlier, do not fully encompass all factors of road safety, one of which is exposure to accidents.Consequently, the use of single indexes to compare the road safety between countries can be misleading.

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But none of these two indexes are satisfactorily adequate or comprehensive because they do not fully capture all factors involved in road safety such as risk of exposure. Australia has 5 road deaths per 100,000 population, which is nearly the same as Tonga’s 6.