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Pregnancy tests turn positive when they detect the presence of the hormone h CG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in your urine.The secretion of h CG starts when the fertilized egg implants in your uterus between 6 and 12 days after ovulation.There are certain blood tests that your GP can carry prior to a pregnancy, such as immunity to rubella (German measles) – this might be an ideal opportunity for a chat. Could I still be pregnant despite my pregnancy test being negative? How long should I wait to conceive after taking methotrexate? I want to conceive: what is the best position to make love in? No period since I came off the Pill One ovary and pregnancy Polio and infertility Polycystic ovaries and fertility Preparing for pregnancy Problems trying to conceive Queries about date of conception, and the need for dietary supplements The Pill: how long should I wait before trying to conceive? Yours sincerely The Net Doctor Medical Team Am I pregnant? Did my ectopic pregnancy reduced my chances of conceiving? I want to increase my chance to get pregnant I'm having trouble conceiving and I'm worried that I am not ovulating I'm on the Pill but I have regular periods. Is breastfeeding stopping me getting pregnant again? Trying to conceive We have been trying for a baby for eight months What are the best ways to try and conceive a girl? My husband and I have been trying for a baby since last year with no success.My husband has had a sperm test, which has come back as normal. For a period of six months I used Persona to monitor my cycle and have discovered that I ovulate on days 16, 17 or 18 of my cycle, which lasts for 26 to 29 days.Let’s say your usual cycle length is 27 days, with ovulation on day 15 and a luteal phase of 12 days.

It is usually not necessary to need a consultant referral at this early stage in trying for a pregnancy, but it may be helpful for you to talk to somebody about your worries. Conception problems with irregular periods Could I be pregnant? How does a doctor tell if you How long before I can try to conceive again? I have spina bifida and would like to have a child I sometimes produce milk; is this linked to problems conceiving? When can I start trying to conceive again after my D When can you tell if you're pregnant?

Travels, exams, illnesses, exciting experiences or just coincidence may cause late ovulation and hence a “delayed” period.

If you are measuring your basal body temperature and know when you ovulated, and you also know the usual length of your luteal phase, you can easily calculate the day of your expected period.

The luteal phase starts the day after ovulation, and ends on the last day before your next period.

The length of the follicular phase may change from one cycle to the next.

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The first few days, however, there is too little h CG for the test to detect it.

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