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Psychoanalyst Carl Jung has called it “a representation of the unconscious self.” The mandala is widely recognized as a meaningful reflection of its creator.Mandala art therapy & healing can be a great source of reflection on one’s soul.La marca Belmont se asocia como “Suavidad”, el color azul y el placer de compartir la playa con los amigos.Al parecer Bigott lanzó una campaña de publicidad con estos elementos playeros y dado el exito conseguido decidieron mantener intacto el concepto en todas sus posteriores piezas publicitarias.Learn more about utilizing mandalas as an art therapy activity.

Your instinct and feeling should inspire and guide you through the process of creation.

Many people and cultures have vouched for the mandala’s intrinsic meaning.

Buddhists, Tibetans, and Hindus have all derived meaning from the mandala and its captivating beauty.

The crystals that form ice, rocks, and mountains are made of atoms. Within the Milky Way galaxy is our solar system and within our solar system, is Earth.

Each is a mandala that is part of a larger mandala.

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