Kurdish dating iraq

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Kurdish dating iraq

The Kurds have recovered their military self-confidence in the knowledge that they are backed by the US and Iran.The peshmerga have taken back some towns lost in August, notably Zumar close to the Syrian border, but not Tal Afar and Sinjar where 8,500 Yazidis are still besieged on their mountain top.

A study by the National Security Adviser's office in Baghdad before the Isis offensive showed that, when 100 jihadis entered a district, they would soon recruit between five and 10 times their original number.

This is the great problem facing a counter offensive against Isis by Baghdad or the Kurds: it will be seen by the five or six million Sunni Arabs in Iraq as directed against their whole community.

Hitherto, the US has been hoping to repeat its success between 20 in turning many Sunni against al-Qaeda in Iraq.

It was only then that the Kurds turned to Iran and the US, both of which immediately acted to prevent a complete victory by the Islamic militants.

Iran sent some officers, military units and artillery while the US started air strikes on 8 August.

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In an impoverished region with few jobs, Isis pay of $400 (£250) a month is also attractive.