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But through this program these couples can gain public affection and acceptance.

Either way, I don't think the stars would probably want to make things public anyways.

So the nature of the show means they will often lean more towards 'needing help'.

What that entails exactly isn't certain, because good entertainment means hiding the mechanics of how the viewer is being entertained, but the planners will have to be more directly involved, giving the stars general outlines for what to discuss.

It implies that they're following a script, the words coming out of their mouths are pre-determined, nothing is being done out of free will. The goal of these shows is to entertain, and they employ 'writers' (again, 'planners' would be a better title) who come up with the overall theme of an episode/segment and instruct the stars with a broad outline of how things should progress.

The level of spontaneity depends on the star, of course - some can be trusted to make great TV when left to their own devices, others will need some help.

I remember how Family Outing 2's producers got panned for trying to force a Taecyeon/Yoona scandal when it clearly made those two feel awkward - compare that to the Monday Couple, where RM's producers took a mostly reactive role (good TV moments took place whether they were put in the same team or not).

So to summarise, the couples on WGM are reacting the same way you would if you were put on stage with a stranger and told to become a couple whilst an audience watches.

I've made this point before and I'll make it again as it really bugs me - people need to stop using the term 'scripted' for variety shows because it's completely misleading.

I think moments where they tell them exactly what to say would be few and far between - the variety show audiences know what the shows are and how they work, being so disingenuous is greatly frowned upon.

The best variety TV moments are spontaneous, it makes little sense to be proactive and force things to happen because it invariably shows on screen, and some the biggest controversies have come from exactly that.

I think the one huge barrier to authenticity was the camera set up. They do have a sound crew and a video crew follow them around when they go outside though, and the PDs are obviously fishing for lovelines/relationships with the house rules and some editing.

Roommate has discrete fixed cameras; I think the difference will come to light as the show develops.i agree that roomate is more real, it's like celebrity 'big brother' edition but they are able to leave the one camera on the second floor is ... they all checked like 'wtf is that thing'. Regardless of it being "scripted," I feel like it's as real as the couples want to make it.

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As I dont understand korean (just a few words) I cant really judge if they are acting in the way they speak, not in audio at all tbh as there is heavy editing in korean shows over all (at least from my impression).