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The black symbolizes the people of Kenya, the red stands for the blood shed in the fight for independence, and the green symbolizes agriculture.In the center of the flag is a red shield with black and white markings and two crossed spears, which stands for vigilance in the defense of freedom. The Great Rift Valley is thought to be one of the places where human beings originated, and archeologists working in the valley have found remains of what they speculate are some of the earliest human ancestors.The highest point, at 17,058 feet (5,200 meters), is Mount Kenya.Kenya shares Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the main source of the Nile River, with Tanzania and Uganda.The first known inhabitants of present-day Kenya were Cushitic-speaking tribes that migrated to the northwest region from Ethiopa around 2000 , other tribes arrived from various parts of Africa.Tribal disagreements often led to war during this time.In the west are the highlands where the altitude rises from three thousand to ten thousand feet.Nairobi, Kenya's largest city and capital, is located in the central highlands.

The increasing economic opportunities brought thousands of British settlers who displaced many Africans, often forcing them to live on reservations.Swahili, which comes from the Arabic word meaning "coast," is a mix of Arabic and the African language Bantu.It first developed in the tenth century with the arrival of Arab traders; it was a lingua franca that allowed different tribes to communicate with each other and with the Arabs.In the 900s, Arab merchants arrived and established trading centers along the coast of East Africa.Over the ensuing eight centuries, they succeeded in converting many Kenyans to Islam.

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The Portuguese colonized much of the region, but the Arabs managed to evict them in 1729.