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Leading corporations must set a positive example which others can follow.

At present the general perception of a corporate organization is that it is out just to make money. The answer is, because the public expects the businesses to help the community in different ways and to invest back into the customers to whom they sell their products.

A progressive and socially responsible corporation sets its own code of ethics and respects and acknowledges its responsibilities, which are practiced by its employees at all levels. From the consumers’ point of view, a socially responsible corporation should also be concerned about the needs of its consumers.This per-ception has to be changed and a relationship between corporate citizens and consumers citizens has to be established. Companies must have a sense of responsibility towards the society from which they earn their profits.Their executives must be men of ethics, with strong social commit-ments and who can transform their ideas and vision of corporate ethics into corporate responsibility.Recently, a leading corporation introduced strict environmental standards for the packaging of the products it stocks.This sent a very positive message to its customers, that is, that the corporation ‘cares’ and is socially responsible.

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