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Jennifer Kesse was last heard from the night of Jan. Family and friends searched the area around her home and a nearby mall.Her car, a 2004 black four-door Chevrolet Malibu, was found abandoned about one mile from her home at Texas & Americana. The investigator in charge of her case said there’s not much action that can be taken against those who have stolen Jennifer’s image to use with their profiles on dating Web sites.“There’s nothing we can do about it,” said Detective Joel Wright of the Orlando Police Department.Surveillance video taken on the grounds of her Orlando apartment complex shows a person parking her car at about 1 p.m. “We can look into their background to see if it’s some sex offender, look into their history and see if it’s anybody who might have come into contact with her.”He said it’s unlikely that those who have used Jennifer’s photograph have anything to do with her disappearance, however.“More than likely, it’s somebody just trying to make themselves look better for someone they might want to meet later on,” Wright said.“I wonder what happens when they do meet that person.”Lindaneedslove writes under the photo that it depicts “Linda after haircut.” She describes herself as a 25-year-old woman from Knoxville, Tenn., who has 75 percent hearing loss and is looking for “a special older man to love, to be very good friends with.” The “wonderful older man” she’s seeking will want to be with a young woman and “will love me for who I am,” she writes.Anthony Vickers, a former student of Tara’s claimed they had an affair.

The driver’s seat was pushed back farther than what Tara, who was 5’3″, would have set it at. A latex glove was found in Tara’s front yard that contained male DNA and a fingerprint.

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