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There is the oft-quoted passage from The Winged Beetle where he speaks scathingly of those who "... Parsons certainly seems to have been devoted to Crowley.

His writings, though, reveal that he was more interested in exploring and developing the ramifications of Thelema.

One of the most disheartening things about Thelema is how often people seem to confuse it with Crowleyanity, the cult of personality.

Contrary to the opinion of detractors such as Symonds, it is evident that Crowley could not take seriously those who made this mistake.

She is the apotheosis of the Scarlet Woman, who is accordingly her avatar or incarnation.

On one level the complement or polarity is subsumed as Atu XI, "Lust", in which Babalon and the Beast are conjoined.

Probably the incident best known amongst occultists about Parsons is the Babalon Working, which took place in 1946. R* H*** - the future founder of Sc*** - and Marjorie Cameron, who later married Parsons.

In the course of this Working Parsons received a text of seventyseven short verses which purported to be a communication from the goddess Babalon.

a weak-minded fool ..." and henceforth he viewed him as one more failure.

Parsons, however, continued to regard himself as Crowley's apostle, and had some eventful years before his explosive end in 1952.

He remained deeply enamoured of Babalon - some might say obsessed.

Parsons was 37 years old when he died, and regarded by many as Crowley's most promising pupil. in America see: Song of the Whitewash: Mysteria Mystica Maxima].

He seems to have regarded himself as being Crowley's "Magical Son", often addressing Crowley in his letters as "Most Beloved Father", and signing them "Thy Son, John". Having by that time seen many potential successors come and go, he perhaps wished to defer judgement and allow events to take care of the succession.

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If there is a pantheon of personalities in the recent history of Thelema, then Jack Parsons can be regarded as one of the most glamorous.

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