Intimidating trio

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Intimidating trio

Msibi is alleged to have hatched the plan of locating and kidnapping a person living with albinism to use their body parts to improve Thubane and Mhlanga’s success.After consulting with Msibi, the pair allegedly travelled to three provinces; Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo in search of a person with albinism but failed to locate one.“Insofar as the intimidating witnesses‚ the court knows that the mother of the deceased‚ who is also an eyewitness in the matter‚ has been attending court proceedings and has been seen by the applicants.They know where she lives and that could endanger her life‚” Venter said.“The court’s decision cannot be influenced by the issue of public interest but we can see that the community is upset.The applicants’ release from custody will pose as a danger as it will disturb public order,” Venter said.

A fifth suspect, Thulani Thobela turned state witness following his arrest.Venter postponed the matter until June 1 for further investigations.Gabisile’s missing body parts include her arms, heart, lungs, vagina, uterus, ovaries, all the abdominal organs and the bladder.They know where she lives and that could endanger her life,” Venter said.“If indeed the applicants know where the remaining body parts are, they may go back and destroy them, rendering the state’s case weak and interfering with investigations.” She said the applicants failed to show the court that the state’s case was weak in light of the evidence brought against them.

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Msibi allegedly met with the pair and told them he located Shabane and conspired to kidnap her.