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Interactive backdating

The headliner bows were custom made and the headliner patterned to align the seams with the roof insert’s raised beads.

The engine, transmission, and rear axle were also painted with a custom mix dark gold Glasurit satin.Rather than take the Mariani Bros.’ Tudor straight back to the shop in Illinois for its final build stages following the 2016 SEMA debut, Trepanier thought it might be a good idea for the shop to have it on display at some of the bigger national events, starting with the Grand National Roadster Show.This obviously gave spectators the opportunity to see the Model A in all its bare-metal glory—but it also allowed them to meet some of the build crew and find out all the particular hows, whys, and what fors they’d been dying to know.The seat and all interior panels are covered with a hand-tipped tobacco brown Italian leather, with perforated inserts and cream-colored contrasting stitching.The floor, lower door panels, and package tray all use a brown German square-weave carpet bound with leather matching the interior.

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  1. The Manchu then allied with Ming Dynasty general Wu Sangui and defeated Li Zicheng, and subsequently seized control of Beijing, which became the new capital of the Qing dynasty.

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