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Once registered and subscribed you have the opportunity to browse profiles with photos and to answer those you find interesting, watch online TV and much more. You’re nearing finals, more focused on beach week, and lining up internships for summer break.

While those seem like the tactics to get every minute of studying in that your brain can allow, they’re not as productive as you think....Read more There’s plenty to be said about the top party schools or the best schools for Greek life.But what if you’re looking to get out a little more?At Greek Rank, we’re pulling rankings for the top sororities and fraternities in the country. Read more Hundreds of men have moved on from collegiate Greek life into the glitzy and powerful ranks of society. You can get lost, scrolling for hours over beach landscapes, long-haired girl crushes, and tailgate style.It’s no surprise that many of the actors, billionaire CEOs, politicians and Grammy-winning musicians you know as famed celebrities are also Greek alumni. If you’re a sorority, you know this, and you’ll have curated your Tumblr page to follow suit. Read more It’s easy to make your college relationships work when your partners are close — like, down the dorm hall kind of close, or seated next to you in every other lecture hall kind of close.

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The former preferred a simple red monochrome with occasional rectilinear patterns based on vertical or diagonal lines, while Cretan (early Minoan) potters specialized in highly polished ware: any decoration was typically incised. And although other centres of pottery production sprang up, (notably in Corinth), the Athenian-led Attic school remained dominant.